Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Rev. Pat explains dead infants

Although I have never been at a loss to name somebody for my coveted   Grumpy Abe Linguistic Lunacy (GALL) Award,  I must cite  this one from the Rev. Pat Robertson as reaching for a yet-unnamed level to set him apart from all others.  It is his pathetic attempt to console a mother for her deceased infant.  She had asked the doddering  televangelist why God had taken the baby's life.

His profound reply:
As far as God's concerned, he knows the answer from the beginning.    And he sees the little baby, and that little baby  could grow up to be Adolph Hitler.  He could grow up to be Joseph Stalin. He could grow up to be some serial killer.  Or he could grow up to die of a hideous disease.  God sees all that.  And for that life to be terminated when he's still a baby, he's going to be with God forever in heaven.  And that isn't a bad thing.'
But God forbid,  would that baby have grown up to be a preacher like the Rev. Pat?    

The envelope, please.

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