Friday, February 27, 2015

Boehner's New Houseland Security gambit

As Speaker John Boehner played chicken against  President Obama  in the Homeland Security showdown,  it occurred to me that a new term was needed to describe the action.  How about Houseland Security,  which is really what he's had in mind from the beginning? That, after all, is what Speaker B was doing to protect his job  - and the title and  limo-class   perks - from the Tea Partiers in his House even it  meant putting the entire nation at risk in an age of heightened terrror.  Hardly a hint of a profile in courage from the Southwest Ohio pol.

Even as reporters questioned him about this next move,   Boehner created lasting video clips  by defiantly puckering his lips in kisses (fortunately, nobody was close enough to physically suffer his hapless advances.) He did seem a tad tipsy. D'ya think?

Folks, this is disgraceful. Particularly so soon after his aberrant invitation to Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress in which he lied to the Israeli insiders that the Democrats were on board with his decision.

As the guy who allegedly is in charge of the House he has become the emperor in a new suit of clothes that only he could see.

Not to be outdone by  the Republicans on the right, Wisconsin Gov.Scott
Walker  and trending candidate for the presidency exploded the myth of his own competence by breezily  asserting that he would have no problem taming ISIS.  As he put it in a terrible way:  "If I can take on 100,000 [union] protesters, I can do the same around the world."

And as he said  in the wake of Rudy Giuliani's melody of love:  "I 'll tell you.   I love America".   Problem still not solved.

As a footnote: Missing in the media action on Friday was the Beacon Journal, which carried not a word of the looming shutdown, doubtless the biggest story of the day!    

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