Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The blame bag: is it shrinking for the GOP?

With only two years remaining for the Obama presidency,  I wonder whether there's some truth to the rumors that  the Republicans now fear they will soon run out of things to blame him for.

True,  they have yet to play their California drought card or assail him for the disappearance of passenger pigeons.

Even the report that the economy is improving drew anti-Obama scowls from GOP National Committee chairman Reince Priebus and House Speaker John Boehner.  Insisting the Republicans "can do better,"  Priebus asserted that "we can't lose sight of the fact that we should have been at this point years ago."  Like 2008, at the height of the Bush recession?

Meantime, scowler-in-chief Boehner accused Obama and his fellow Democrats of presiding "over a new  normal of  flat wages, higher prices, and too many part-time jobs."  (The speaker obviously is influenced by his nightly dinners at McDonald's!)

Speaking of scowlers:  Might as well add Sens. John McCain and his alter ego,   Lindsey Graham,  to the list, although  the latter is more of a whiner than a scowler, don't you think? On foreign policy, McCain hissed  words like "feckless" and "intellectually dishonest"- but it's possible that he could
 have been absently  describing Bush and Iraq.

In fairness, McCain has yet to shake off his nightmare of having lost to Obama.  Nor can I shake off the nightmare of his choice of Sarah Palin as a heartbeat from the presidency.

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Anonymous said...

The things Republicans specialize in, flat wages, higher prices, and part-time jobs, they lay at Obama's feet. Projection it's called; blame your enemy for the results of your own bad behavior. Note: they no longer mention opposition to Obamacare because, despite their shrill and unrelenting opposition, it is a great success. Sarah Palin as president is a scenario right out of the Twilight Zone.