Friday, November 15, 2013

A sad good-bye to Sophie, a family treasure

As a personal note, I'll make this as brief as I can:  Son Mark's treasured dog, Sophie, was mutilated  by an illegal animal trap in her  Stow neighborhood - a brutal end to a small black-hair creature who had ingratiated herself deeply into  our extended family for a decade.  She was often our playful guest as her second family  while Mark's company sent him on the road on business trips  for several days.   We not only grieve but also grow still angrier  over the terrible finality of  Sophie's happy life.  No secret to how the still unnamed killer  can ghoulishly resort  to this monstrous device that  was covered by fallen leaves. Begin with bloody ignorance.   Is there an answer?

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Anonymous said...

My sympathies to Mark. Our pets aren't just pets….they're family.