Friday, July 1, 2011

Minnesota: a state in a state of chaos

JUST ANOTHER day of political infamy.

This one shut down the government in Minnesota as Republicans again drew a line in the concrete separating reality and taxes. But what are the anti-taxers to do when it is their only ideological weapon to prove their worth as pathetic single-passion political leaders?


Every summer camper in a state park was forced to pack up and leave as the parks closed.

All highway construction projects were abruptly shut down, laying off a lot of people and suspending their wages.

Twenty thousand state workers were laid off.

The state's hotline for senior citizens, which assisted 30,00 people last year, was turned off.

There was dislocation and instability throughout the state.

The Republican-controlled legislature rejected Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton's proposal to raise taxes on the state's top one percent of the wealthy. The St. Paul Pioneer Press noted that it would have only affected Minnesota's 7,700 millionaires. They won't be expected to miss a single meal during this chaos.

And unsurprisingly, the presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty, the former governor, showed up to stand tall with his GOP brethren in this hour of political depravity as the lights were turned off on social services that were created for humane reasons.

The Republicans are flashing sharp swords in their anti-tax romp. Eventually they may be forced to fall on them.



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