Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chasing our tails to create jobs?

ALL OF THE THREATS from the right to cut government workers to shave the deficit leads me to wonder...

Every government employe who loses his or her job will not be paying taxes nor spending for things at the mall in a retail-based economy.

With tax revenue shrinking at all levels of government, it will necessitate more layoffs and only the wealthiest will be spared.

As government payrolls continue to shrink, even shedding law enforcement and school teachers, there will be more unemployed.

With more unemployed, there will be still greater loss of tax revenue.

As the tax base shrinks, there will be even fewer jobs and less spending at the malls.

And so the descending process continues unabated, feeding on itself at a time when the deep thinkers are promising to create jobs.

Not being sympathetic to the Republicans' secret plans to attack unemployment and create jobs, I know I'm missing something as we continue to chase our tails to do something that will only make things worse. But what?

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Anonymous said...

According to Republicans, government workers live in a bubble and cutting their jobs won't have any impact on the economy. Sure, cutting thousands of high-paying government jobs will be good. Positively, they can make that income up by asking, "Would you like some fries with that?" Hey, they'll only get to enjoy 26 weeks of unemployment in this economy to adjust to their new post-job reality of low income and no benefits. It'll be an exciting time watching the Tea Partiers "revive" the economy. If they succeed...excellent their ideas worked. However, my suspicion is that it is everyone for themselves now. The 15 million current unemployed (aka the lazy disgusting dreck of society to Tea Partiers) will be joined by several million more unemployed looking at the 5 million job openings with lower benefits and lower pay to hit full employment. That'll teach em.